This collection contains scholarly articles, reports and other publications authored by administrative members in the Office of University Advancement at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Submissions from 2021


Hazard Ahead: The Impact of Higher Executive Turnover Rates on African-Americans' Navigation of the Professoriate at HBCUs, William Broussard


The More Things Change: The 2020-2021 HBCU Executive Leadership Turnover Report, William Broussard


The Role of an Executive Leader in Student Affairs at a Historically Black University: Opportunities for Promoting Student Growth and a Pathway to the Presidency, Robert T. Palmer, William Broussard, Gerald K. Johnson II, Ernest C. Evans, and LaToya B. Parker

Submissions from 2020


A Tale of Two Yards: 2019-2020 HBCU Leadership Hirings, Firings, and Resignations, William Broussard


Leadership in the Time of Coronavirus, William Broussard


Inclusive Excellence, Now and Forever: How Predominately White Institutions of Higher Education Can Keep Their Promise to Students of Color, William Broussard, Adriel Hilton, and Henry Morris

Submissions from 2019

HBCU Presidential Hirings and Firings – a 2018-19 Mid-Term Report, William Broussard

HBCUs Changed Presidents 33 Times in 2018-19, William Broussard


When Leadership Goes Wrong: Implications for Effective Leadership Practices for HBCUs, William Broussard, Ventric Fletcher, and Urban Wiggins

Submissions from 2018

HBCU Leadership Hirings, Firings & Resignations: The 2017-18 Final Report, William Broussard

Rethinking Town and Gown: How HBCUs Bring Communities Together Through Economic Impact, Workforce, and Diversity, William Broussard


Serving Students, Faculty, and Notice: Student Co-operation, Faculty Collaboration, and Institutional Counter-Narration at a Southern Flagship HBCU, William Broussard


Telling Stories and Clapping Back: The Uses of Counter-Story in the Academy, Aja Martinez and William Broussard

Submissions from 2017

A Feature, not a Bug: HBCU Executive Transactions, 2016-2017, William Broussard

A Hidden Figure in Plain Sight: HBCU Alumna Charlotta Carter Charts Path to Success for Black Women in STEM, William Broussard

HBCU Leadership Hirings, Firings and Resignations – A 2017-18 Mid-Term Report, William Broussard


“(Never)Minding the Gap: Division I HBCU Revenue Generation Trends, William Broussard


Who’s Winning?: Why HBCU Athletic Branding Matters, William Broussard


Avoiding Forced Turnover(s): Best Practices for HBCU Senior-Level Executive Recruitment, William Broussard and Adriel Hilton

Submissions from 2016


Hello, New Boss: 2015-2016 HBCU Executive Transactions, William Broussard


In Division I Competition, You Get What You Pay For, William Broussard


Inside and Outside (Contact) Zone: An Authoethnography of a Writing Program and College Athletics Administrator, William Broussard


Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad, Money Game?: An Open Letter to The New York Times Joe Nocera, William Broussard


The Unseen Casualties of HBCU Executive Departures, William Broussard and Adriel Hilton


Which is Better Strategy for Revenue Generation: Increasing Enrollment or Fundraising?, William Broussard and Donovan Outten

Submissions from 2015

Beyond Fish Plates and Tailgates: Steering HBCU Fundraising from Fanaticism to Support, William Broussard

Fastest Way to a Million-Dollar Gift? Introduce, Grow the Annual Fund, William Broussard


Moving The Chains, William Broussard

Now and Forever - Building HBCU Capacity Through Endowment Investment, William Broussard

Submissions from 2012

Review of How We Decide, William Broussard

Submissions from 2011

Advancing your Strategic Planning, William Broussard


Bowled Over: Big-Time College Football from the Sixties to the BCS Era, William Broussard

Submissions from 2010

He Cuts Left...He Cuts Right...He does not Score!: How Cuts to College Athletics Will Further Challenge Community Development Nationwide, William Broussard

Review of Careerball: The Sport Athletes Play When They’re Through Playing Sports, William Broussard

Submissions from 2009

Ahead of the Game: Year-Long Football Promotions, William Broussard


Game Theory: Averting the Collapse of Louisiana’s Four-Year Institutions, William Broussard


The Games We Play: College Athletics in a Recession and SB 335, William Broussard

Submissions from 2006


Classroom as Community: Shooting for Excellence and Intercultural Discourse, William Broussard

William Rhoden’s Forty Million Dollar Slaves and the Call for Black Athletic Leadership, William Broussard


Scoring the Hire: A Hiring Report Card and Social Networking Analysis for NCAA Division I-A and I-AA Football Coaching Positions in American Higher Education, C. Keith Harrison, Sharon Yee, Quaylan Allen, Robert J. Alridge III, William Broussard, Desiree Serrano, Elliot Sharpe, and Vashti Rulland

Submissions from 2004

Writing into the Bounds: Countering the Balkanization of College Athletes, William Broussard


One for the Gipper (and One for the Tutor): On Writing Center Tutorials with College Student-Athletes, William Broussard and Nahal Rodieck

Submissions from 2003


Collaborative Work, Competitive Students, Counter-Narrative: A Tale from out of (the Academy's) Bounds, William Broussard