The More Things Change: The 2020-2021 HBCU Executive Leadership Turnover Report

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When I began preparing this report five years ago, I was unprepared for how significant the turnover is for executives at HBCUs. Over the years, that trend has slowed, but not abated. I’ve learned how that not only impacts HBCUs prospects for growth, and the careers of those executives, but also that of the talent they recruit to their executive teams and those who comprise the middle management levels as they have to make routine adjustments to different leaders, expectations, and goals.

I also learned as I researched further, how this particularly impacts those who comprise the Black professoriate, leading them to seek opportunities at predominately white institutions when leadership is unstable, or, to leave the professoriate completely. I hoped, as this year began, that HBCUs would do more than ever to hold on their leaders, strive for consistency and stability, and recruit leaders who could take advantage of the opportunities that would arise as we emerge from the various crises presented by the last year.


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