Policing and Human Behavior

Policing and Human Behavior


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Recognizing that peace officers have become this nation’s first responders for calls involving those experiencing mental health crises, Policing and Human Behavior provides readers with information that will help them gain a better understanding of those living with mental illness, and people in general. The textbook uses theoretical concepts in sociology, social psychology, psychology, and criminology to explain the factors that influence human behavior in a variety of situations. It also uses those same concepts to explain how the peace officer personality is developed and how it influences a peace officer’s on-duty and off-duty behaviors. Readers are given in-depth information on the most common mental illnesses encountered in the field, as well as alcohol and other drugs that can negatively impact behavior, to include their history, appearance, and psychological and physiological effects. The textbook thoroughly explores topics such as authoritarianism, cognitive dissonance, and suicide. Providing future peace officers and other criminal justice professionals with vital knowledge, Policing and Human Behavior is an exemplary resource for courses and programs in law enforcement, criminal justice, and the social sciences.



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Law Enforcement and Corrections | Mental and Social Health | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance

Policing and Human Behavior