Crow's Haven: A Near Future Technothriller

Crow's Haven: A Near Future Technothriller


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On Net-Day the alien Sylph surrounded the Earth and grounded humanity. Then a maverick drone pilot discovered how to slip past their notice and opened the possibility of humans returning to space.

Fearful of what the Sylph might do and how the United States might use their new capabilities, several nations decide to attack the East Coast. Cassie and the Crow Works team flee before the growing conflict to an abandoned research facility. There they must find a way to reproduce the success of their first flight using the resources and skills of whoever is willing, and able, to help them. Cut off, they must defend themselves long enough to attempt a space launch that is even riskier than their first.

Meanwhile, Senator Tish Winthrop is sent to find and stop a rogue admiral who has stolen critical technology that could give their opponents a decided advantage. Navigating political intrigue and military conflict, Tish must stop the admiral and find a way for the United States to escape the conflict. All while coming to the realization that something is very wrong with the planet.

And the Sylph are still there, mysterious and waiting, but with an agenda all their own. The stakes have never been higher. Crow’s Haven is the second book in the Sylphan Revelations trilogy.



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Independently published


science fiction, space, extraterrestrial beings, human-alien encounters, women air pilots



Crow's Haven: A Near Future Technothriller