Crow's Reveal: A Near Future Technothriller

Crow's Reveal: A Near Future Technothriller


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For the first time since the Sylph appeared, humanity cautiously shares the skies around Earth with the alien spheres. Cassie and her team have successfully given a rebirth to flight. Now they must reluctantly take on the burden of finding a way to get humanity off the planet before the Sylph finish their slow destruction of the world. An uneasy alliance of nations is supporting their efforts at Starlifter Command, but few of them know what is really at stake. Those that do understand are positioning themselves for the long-term struggle ahead…and they all want Starlifter’s secrets.

Meanwhile, for the Church of the Sylphan Resolution, plans made decades ago are coming to fruition. They believe the Sylph are messengers from God, and they intend to finally communicate with them. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that the message they want to send will just speed up the apocalypse.

The danger and the stakes have never been greater for Cassie and Tish as they set their sights on a new target, the Moon. Fortunately, the way has been prepared for them. Crow’s Reveal is the third book in the Sylphan Revelations trilogy.



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Independently published


science fiction, space, extraterrestrial beings, human-alien encounters, women air pilots



Crow's Reveal: A Near Future Technothriller