The 13th Annual MSU, Mankato Undergraduate Research Symposium, featured scholarship and creative activities from all six colleges. The Symposium acquaints undergraduates with the process and rigors of presenting research in a scholarly manner in an academic setting. The conference highlights work that is supported by many. In all cases, faculty have given generously of their time and talents but are equally rewarded by the mentoring experience. Some students have received grants from the MSU Foundation, the North Star STEM Alliance, the MSU Undergraduate Research Center, the Honors Program, various MSU academic departments, and other supporters.

Students presented their work at the conference orally, in poster format, or, as part of a creativity exhibit. We congratulate these students for their accomplishments and hope that this experience helps to launch productive and satisfying academic and professional careers.

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Abstract Booklet
Complete Listing of Abstracts, Sessions, and a Schedule of Events for the 2011 Undergraduate Research Symposium
Awards Ceremony
Theatre & Dance
Oral Session 01
Oral Session 02
Chemistry & Geology, Electrical & Computer Engineering & Technology, and Geography
Oral Session 03
Accounting & Business Law
Oral Session 04
Oral Session 05
Mathematics & Statistics
Oral Session 06
Accounting & Business Law
Oral Session 07
Oral Session 08
Automotive Engineering Technology
Oral Session 09
Gender & Women's Studies and Sociology & Corrections
Oral Session 10
Art History and History
Oral Session 11
English and Human Performance
Oral Session 12
Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, and Mechanical & Civil Engineering
Oral Session 13
Oral Session 14
Anthropology, Elementary & Early Childhood Education, Ethnic Studies, and Scandinavian Studies
Oral Session 15
Poster Session A
Communication Studies, Ethnic Studies, Family Consumer Science, Gender & Women's Studies, Health Science, Human Performance, Psychology, Special Education, and Speech, Hearing & Rehabilitation Services
Poster Session B
Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Geology, and Physics & Astronomy
Poster Session C
Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering & Technology, Iron Range Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics, and Mechanical & Civil Engineering