This qualitative study explored experiences of racial and ethnic minority supervisors in cross-cultural supervision in the counseling related fields in the U.S. or Canada. Five supervisors from different countries of origin participated. Both their general experiences in supervision and the ways in which the racial and ethnic minority supervisors managed cultural discussions and the supervisors' own needs were examined in supervision. The phenomenological study sought to describe the essence of the racial and ethnic minority supervisors in cross-cultural supervision and identified several themes grounded in their experiences: (a) distinct experiences as racial and ethnic minority supervisors; (b) managing diversity issues with cultural focus (challenging supervisees with diversity issues; using self-disclosure); (c) embracing the difference and its challenges (managing diversity issues universally; using a difference as a motivator and strength); (d) support and mentorship are critical to success. While there are some limitations, this study contributes to the growing body of literature about multicultural supervision and the approaches to improve the counselor education and training and the quality of clinical work. Finally, recommendations for supervision practice, counselor educators and trainers, and future research are discussed.


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