This laboratory study examined the effects of acetaminophen overdose in normal fed and high-fat fed female mice. Forty female mice were placed on normal and high-fat diets at 4 weeks old. When the mice were significantly different in weight (between 6 and 9 months old), half the mice were dosed with acetaminophen. These mice were daily given an overdose of acetaminophen for 14 days. The dose used was 300 mg/kg mouse (LD50 = 338 mg/kg). The control group was given 10 µl water/g mouse. Levels of serum glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH) were measured to indicate liver damage. GDH is released from liver mitochondria indicating mitochondrial damage and toxicity. Based on a two-way ANOVA, the mean GDH levels were significantly higher in the high-fat diet mice groups (p < 0.001). This suggests damage to liver mitochondria due to high-fat diet alone. Liver weights of all female mice groups were documented and statistically analyzed and showed significant difference between diet groups (p < 0.001) and diet*treatment groups (p = 0.026). Visible fat content in all livers was also analyzed and showed significant difference between diet groups (p < 0.001) and treatment (acetaminophen or control) groups (p = 0.001).


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