An Evaluation of Adventure Education Components in a Residential Learning Community

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Academic Affairs/TRIO


The intent of this research project was to assess the impact of the out-of-class experiential components in a residential Learning Community Program. More specifically, the purpose of the study was to gain information from the students' perceptions of the impact that participation in an adventure education program (high or low ropes course) had on their in-class learning and their overall experience at the university. Qualitative data indicated that participation on the ropes course impacted the Learning Community students' in-class learning in the following ways: enhancing a connection to other students, faculty and the university; promoting increased self-learning and transferable skill development; and developing a support network for academic learning. The qualitative data also indicated that Learning Community students' overall experience at the university was affected largely by the connection developed with other students, faculty and the university.

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Journal of Experiential Education