This exhibition focuses mainly on the relationship between Prey and Predators in the animal world. The idea comes from the many documentaries I watch about animals. In particular, I love the pent-up tension that is created moments before the predator attacks. What I want to represent in my drawings is role changing or the exception to the rule, when the traditional predator becomes a prey and vice versa. The subverted roles offer a new perspective of the Prey and Predator relationship by empowering the traditional prey with the same courage, strategy, and aggressiveness of the traditional predators in a sort of payback for what, by nature, they need to endure. The result is an awkward and humoristic scene. Also, the sizes and scales of the animals are stated unusually in order to provoke a reaction in the viewers, whether a complete satisfaction, smile, uncertainty, fear, pity, or anger. The animals I draw are generally endangered and critically endangered species. It is a way for me to put them under the spotlight and make people aware that at this point in time these beautiful creatures are still around and if we don’t take action to save them, we will lose them forever. Extinction. It is a scary word. There is no place for hope in the definition of that word. There is no coming back and it is irreversible. This is another concept I am interested in and that I deal with in this exhibition. To see species vanishing forever, irreversibly, by the hand of humans not only hurts my sensitivity, but it should make us all think about the responsibility we have towards the environment and their creatures.This is way to spread knowledge, to stimulate the public to research further, to take action, and a way to create and encourage conversation on these topics.The elements of design that I am more prone to use are texture and values. My line is often gestural: hesitant in some places and vibrant and assertive in others.


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