My work is about the variety of relationships occurring in nature, whether it is the small delicate touch of a bumblebee landing on a flower to collect pollen, or the struggle between native and invasive plants fighting for survival in the prairies. “Wild Connections” is a visual response to learning about the inner workings of various ecosystems and placing emphasis on those which I find deserving of more awareness. Using traditional and experimental printmaking methods, I capture the relaxing elegance of the habitats and simplistic beauty of their creatures to place emphasis on their importance in our environment. Occasionally subtle color is used to add dimension or enhance the subject, other times the lack of color reiterates what is more significant. Exaggeration of scale focuses attention onto the subject and its environment, revealing an idealized portrayal of their relationship. I like knowing how I impact the world, and how the world impacts me as well. Learning more about the flora and fauna surrounding me, I am compelled to share their stories and showcase their role in maintaining the environment. My hope is to continue highlighting these issues and bring forth action that encourages conservation of these species.


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