The relationship between humor and work has been an extensively studied subject in psychology related to work. Past research has found a positive relationship between positive humor and work outcomes and a negative relationship between negative humor and work outcomes, though less research has been conducted in the realm of negative humor. This study aims to contribute towards research by replicating past studies when it comes to humor and job satisfaction – the relationship between positive supervisor humor was found to be positively related to job satisfaction for employees while negative supervisor humor was found to be negatively related to job satisfaction for female employees. There was also an interaction between shared supervisor and employee negative humor – employees who had a high sense of negative humor and worked for a supervisor who also had a high sense of negative humor were more satisfied with their jobs than employees with a low sense of negative humor who worked for a supervisor with a high sense of negative humor. Findings suggest positive humor consistently has a positive impact on job satisfaction and negative humor (specifically aggressive humor) may have a negative impact on female employees, except for when employees share the same sense of negative humor with their supervisor. If there is a shared sense of negative humor, employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.


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