Imperfect Sisters

Elizabeth Rose Trueblood, Minnesota State University, Mankato


Elizabeth Trueblood’s 2020 thesis, Imperfect Sisters, is a collection of nine short stories written for the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The stories in the collection focus specifically on sisterhood, and the fraught relationships that women encounter with one another. The stories explore a multitude of female relationships that fall under the umbrella of “sisterhood,” from biological sisters to long-standing female friendships, to women who find connection with female entities from nature and, possibly, their own imaginations. The author focuses on themes of loneliness, anger, love, individuality, and loss throughout the collection, addressing larger questions about the human (and, indeed, specifically the female) condition through stories that lean both into the speculative and the domestic, the realistic, and the fabulous alike.


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