From the book "Speaking into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication," written by John Durham Peters, we understand a notion about developing one’s destiny; people have the freedom to choose multiple paths to follow (Peters, 2012). If we reject this idea, it is also easy for people to come up with distinct explanations. Even though the meaning of the same issues might vary subject to who is interpreting them, the primary concepts can be interpreted as more or less the same. If we study these two--"artificial intelligence" and "communication"- simultaneously, we can assume some characteristics. Thus, this project analyzes three different scholarly articles to extrapolate the real meaning of AIMC, and a variety of approaches, and devise how artificial intelligence, eventually computers or programs, can communicate while incorporating artificial intelligence. Methodologically, therefore, the method of textual analysis has been adopted to highlight the area of communication appropriately, and this undertaking undoubtedly unlock the horizon of comprehension of this type of communication in communication studies.


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