Context: Adolescent pregnancy continues to be a public health concern in the United States. School-based health centers are an ideal setting for providing affordable, accessible, and confidential reproductive services for adolescents that can help prevent unintended pregnancies. However, there are great variations in the reproductive services offered at school-based health centers across the United States. Objective: This study aims to explore the question: Do school-based health centers that provide on-site contraception access have lower adolescent pregnancy rates and higher reported contraception use when compared to school-based health centers that do not provide on-site contraception? Methods: A literature review was conducted between October and November 2020. Six current research articles met inclusion criteria and were analyzed for this paper. Results: Providing contraception on-site at school-based health centers is associated with higher reported contraception use in adolescents and is associated with an estimated reduction in unintended pregnancies. Conclusions: In order to encourage consistent use of contraception in sexually active adolescents as well as prevent unintended adolescent pregnancies, school-based health centers should provide on-site contraception access.


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