John Muir famously said, "The mountains are calling and I must go." The yearning ache to visit and connect with natural wild landscapes is real. Through brush and pigment, I attempt to capture the mystery and wonder of wild landscapes that have inspired me to be a novaturient soul. The power of landscape is generally symbolic yet uniquely concrete. Exploring the balancing conflicts of nature has led me to comprehend the universe and my place in it.

By mimicking the naturalist who breaks down wild spaces into macro-focused observations, I translate my experience with landscape into relationships of line, shape, and color. It is an attempt to not only share my unique experience with natures but also serve as an act of self-preservation. Through painting and drawing, I am exerting control over my reality instead of floating away into my anxieties. In a way, I am pulling the viewer in for closer observation only to have them lose themselves within the landscape and become grounded within the work.


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