Utilizing the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) to identify social and cultural variables predicting the cross-cultural experience of reverse culture shock, this study aims at clarifying the process of re-acculturation of international students in the United States by comparing quantitative and qualitative measures. Thirty-two participants completed demographics and questionnaires and 18 decided to further partake in the CFI. Results from the Reentry Shock Scale as well as the CFI indicate that a majority of individuals experience problems and distress associated with returning home, yet to varying degrees and intensity. Through assessment of each participant’s experience with reverse culture shock, twelve out of 18 (66.7%) were accurately assessed compared to their actual data score on the Reentry Shock Scale. Additionally, thematic analysis of the CFI prompted seven themes related to the process of reverse culture shock. Three of these themes have in previous literature been associated with high reverse culture shock and thus substantiate the validity of the CFI as an appropriate measure in conceptualizing and assessing reverse culture shock.


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