Intention is a stage set for all the world to perceive. I intend to shake the status quo, I intend to break loose from that which I think I know, I intend to learn, and yet unlearn, I intend to make and be the most liminal that I can be bridging the spaces in between. I hope in the following lines that you too may come to believe in the we. Down the rabbit hole she goes, into the deep confines of her mind. Upon approaching the curious, contorting caterpillar she’s asked, “Whoooo are yooou, I said AGH WHOO ARE YOOU?!” Now I ask you, “Who are you, Brittney?” Who am I, who am I seen as and who do I want to be? The intentions may be strong yet, the projections all wrong in the perception of those whose programs tag along. Their reflections of you in them triggers, transports, transfigures, traumas ignored, stored, in the crevices of the mind, strongly defined, again denied. Hence, they come back on a dime time after time like this overused consonant rhyme. The ceaseless seamless reverting mime stuck with no voice inside, trying to get the outcome to commandeer out of the box. When lock unlocks, with thought sought rocks. Movements of Shakti shocks the heart, this part, a challenge, to lose the mind and find the core of the Corazon. Coaxing and soaking the shrivel, the process is far from simple and will continue to sing the song that must be sung. Wishing to be recognized, wishing to belong. Only when all swords are no longer drawn can human beings, truly be strong. Of those, these moments we must ask, re-remember the journey we are on. Is a journey, not a Brittney, “Burtney” she says, “We’ve been here before, it’s all in the folk lore.” Categories of stories waiting to be translated. To show the world, to throw out a line. The water may rise high, and all down hatch we’ll find, that we are all proponents made of components of the same kind. 80% particles coming together to align, to signify the miracle inside. I ask of you creator, preacher, teacher, is there any more real question to be asked than this? Is there any more important expression to find than true bliss? How have we come here and what will we make of this? Intolerance breeds intolerance, I see beauty in your difference. A safety for your self-acceptance. Through the crime we havoc on our own minds may I shed some light. If I have one purpose, it’s to distribute the community an experience of internalized redirection come forth through this Miss, or Ma’am call me what you will, I’m comfortable with who I am. In a world of attachments, here detect, deciphered then redirect. The poison unseen still has its affect. When we seek a cat for a dog, wrong for cat is not a dog, or a dog a cat. Miss match that statement ten times fast. For the pace in the states is always a race, any disturbance is seen so out of place. Perhaps this is where it is to switch up, to relax into a common space. An understanding that this is different and yet the same. I intend to learn, to be decerned, I intend for you to be a part of the Art, hopefully to de part with a more rounded arsenal, to impart on those who wish to see the ever-changing parts of we, you and me. A series of moments is our currency as artists, A.ctualizing R.eality T.o me. So, I break the realms of what this letter is meant to be, to display my true identity. Currently expanding the creations into a full experience, viewers intertwined into the practice. I believe when seen through the eyes of another we rediscover the ground, heel to toe rounding out the difference in emotional strides. From here on out there will be no place I hide. Saying that anyone’s life is easy would be a lie. I have seen through abandonment, abuse, addiction and it is these traumas of plenty that created my why. I persisted through them all in the hopes to make my happy homestead. May you see the gratitude implied and know through those triumphs when we are divinely led. Once again, I’ll say, it’s this I intend. I intend to record, to sculpt, to write, to perform, to break the boundary of my safety and what “feels right”. So, with all my might I examine the status quo, approach the fear and do this anyways, because connecting through Art is the reason I am here.


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