In an aging society, family caregiving is becoming an increasingly important topic. Elderly adults often rely on their family members as the primary source of support as they age. This paper presents a systematic literature review of family caregiving practices for the elderly in the U.S. and Nepal. The aim is to explore the differences and similarities between the two countries in terms of family caregiving practices for the elderly. The review includes five initial literature sources and identifies two common themes: first, both societies consider family as the main source of support for the elderly, and secondly, elderly people tend to live independently in the U.S. while they live with their children in Nepal, as children are viewed as a form of insurance for their care. Additionally, 16 more pieces of literature were reviewed, revealing that both sons and daughters equally play a role in caregiving for their elderly parents in the U.S., while sons and wives are primarily responsible for elderly parents in Nepal. Moreover, the study found that access to healthcare for the elderly is far better in the U.S. compared to Nepal, where 85% of the elderly lack health services. The factors that affect family caregiving in both countries were found to be family culture, economics, and access to healthcare. Age line, SAGE, Google Scholar, and PROQUEST were used as sources for family caregiving practices in the U.S. and Nepal. The study provides valuable insights into the trends and factors that influence family caregiving for the elderly in the two countries. This paper is expected to be useful to younger generations in both societies, helping them understand the care and support needed by older adults as they age. The paper also highlights the existing problems that individuals may face as they enter the elderly phase and begin caring for elderly family members. Overall, this systematic literature review offers valuable information on the similarities and differences in family caregiving practices between the U.S. and Nepal.


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