Studies have shown that celebrity culture is one of many significant sources of influence that inform the construction of individuals’ identities as well as their outlook on work, life ambitions, and accomplishment. Celebrity also offers a unique window with which to examine both how social structures operate in the mainstream, and how social inequalities are reproduced. This study utilizes qualitative research methodology by way of longitudinal content analysis to examine how Taylor Swift’s public persona has evolved comparatively throughout the early and late stages of her career, specifically in regard to her gender, age, and music. This study identifies ten narrative themes significant to Swift’s constructed public persona in interviews conducted between the years 2009-2022: personality, emotions, music career, making music, aspects of celebrity and fame, personal life, relationships, social and cultural issues, speaking up, and perspective. These findings reinforce the themes found in the literature review and suggest new insights on celebrity, gender and sexism, artist autonomy, commodification, and public persona.


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