The first magazine written by women in Ecuador is a time machine that allows knowing firsthand the thinking of women in the early twentieth century. It is also a catalyst to promote writing and searching for female identity. La Mujer: Revista Mensual de Literatura y Variedades is an unprecedented project conceived by the first Ecuadorian journalist, Zoila Ugarte. She was a multifaceted woman with feminist ideas who encouraged a group of women to express their ideas through literature and journalism.

This research analyzes the literary texts and articles of the magazine from a gender perspective and addresses historical aspects of the ideological, political, and social transformations in Ecuador; those aspects were essential to understanding the context and the discourse of the magazine's writers. From the analysis of the texts, it can be determined that the women editors of this medium were not only looking for a form of expression. Additionally, they wanted to assume their gender role; at that time, the role of women corresponded only to household chores and family care.

Perhaps coinciding with certain points and motivations, writers´ discourse was not homogeneous. For this reason, the magazine La Mujer marked two trends that reflected the development of a feminist mentality that began transforming Ecuadorian women's thinking. On the one hand, a liberal vision aligned with the intellect and education of modern women. On the other hand, a Christian Marianist perspective focused on the image and likeness of the Virgin Mary. Although, indeed, Ecuadorian feminism does not begin as a homogeneous idea, it was also conceived as a teamwork search that women can be considered in the social imagination.

Finally, the literary magazine´s publication is not just a way for expression; it is also an organizational mechanism that becomes more important for analyzing cultural processes and the discourse generated by the female literary will.


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