To Capture the Sea


To Capture the Sea is a novel that follows the daughter of a painter. It begins in a small, seaport village called Rockport, MA, and opens with the death of painter Richard Davis. His daughter, Brielle, has lived an isolated life with him in their sea-cottage. As Brielle grows older, Richard’s mind and behaviors become more erratic, and she often anticipates and caters to his moods as she feeds him and takes care of their home together. The novel opens with Richard’s death, which changes Brielle’s life forever. The moment she discovers his passing, she finds the Village Pastor and Vicar for help. Over time she befriends Pastor Thompson, his wife, and the Vicar named Simon. Her estranged mother emerges, attends the funeral, and invites Brielle to come live with her at her apartment in Boston, where she is a music student. Brielle agrees to join her mother in Boston, and what follows is a journey of discovery for Brielle, of the wider world, of herself, and of what she truly wants in life, all while she finds work, goes to parties, experiences the excitement as well as the difficulty of life in 1960s Boston.


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