This research aims to examine MNSU French students’ perspectives on classroom testing, feedback practices and their impact on learning. Using an online questionnaire, data were collected from 18 students enrolled in French 102, French 202, French 404 and French 452. The results indicated that the students in the French program at MNSU positively perceived the classroom testing and feedback practices. They understood the purposes and benefits of classroom testing and feedback provision as these encouraged them to study in order to retain the content, tracked and checked their learning progress in relation to their learning objectives, and provided them with feedback that they utilized to improve. They also recognized that both the classroom testing and feedback had a positive impact on their learning. On the one hand, classroom testing required them to review the course materials for better retention, and on the other hand, feedback pointed out their mistakes, clarified the points they misunderstood and helped them to close up the gap between their performance and desired goals. However, a low percentage of the participants reported that they needed to spend more time on chapters to successfully process the content. They also suggested that quizzes and exams should be more spaced out.


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