When severe weather strikes, storm chasers and storm spotters confirm that what forecasters and meteorologists are seeing on a radar screen is actually occurring in the field. While some documenters are classically trained (i.e. they have a background in atmospheric science and or meteorology attained from a 4 year university) many others are not. There are currently two organizations available for the weather enthusiast to be a part of, SKYWARN and SpotterNetwork. These organizations give weather enthusiasts a background knowledge into severe weather; however, many weather enthusiasts are not classically trained and most have not taken any formal education in the fields of atmospheric science. By creating a survey questionnaire the differences in educational training, as well as an analysis of the numerous aspects and characteristics of a severe weather observer, was documented to discern if this training had any effect on their geographic distribution during severe weather events. Using the statistical tests Chi-Squared, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), and Correlation Analysis, the results from the survey questionnaire were analyzed. Chi-Squared analysis was used to examine if any of the variables (questions asked on the survey) were relatable to a severe weather documenter having a four year degree in atmospheric science and or meteorology. ANOVA examined the statistical relationship between a severe weather documenter's confidence level in his or her background knowledge in atmospheric science versus their educational background. Correlation analysis examined if a severe weather documenter's confidence in their background of atmospheric science knowledge, as well as their education level, influenced their range of travel during severe weather events.


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