Mobile devices are continuously evolving and greater computing power and graphics capabilities are being introduced every year. As a result, there is an increasing demand for challenging and engaging mobile games that leverage these advanced features. This project explores best design practices using the development of Escape the Planet, which is an intricate maze game for mobile devices in which players navigate using a spaceship that is trapped in a hostile planet’s maze while avoiding obstacles and enemy attacks. The goal is to safely guide the spaceship out of the maze without colliding into walls or taking bullets from defensive cannons. Players can use shields and collect power-ups such as extra fuel or shield boosters to help their chances but must demonstrate skill, strategy, and patience to succeed. With multiple maze configurations, escalating difficulty levels, collectible rewards, and threatening enemies, Escape the Planet aims to provide an exciting, suspenseful gameplay experience challenging enough to appeal to hardcore gamers. The inspiration comes from observing the expanding mobile games market revenue, especially for ports of popular console/PC game franchises once considered too computationally intensive for mobile. By focusing on efficient coding, complex gameplay elements, and leveraging newer device capacities, this project utilizes the full potential of modern mobiles for an engaging, high-quality game worthy of monetization. With sufficient polish and testing, Escape the Planet will be released on the Android store and hopefully to the iOS store to contribute an innovative title to the maturing mobile gaming landscape.


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