The 5Plus5 is a multidimensional ranking personality measure consisting of 10 dimensions. The dimensions are similar to the Big Five personality constructs. In two studies, a version of the 5plus5 that uses an item-ranking format and a version of the 5Plus5 that uses an item-rating format were contrasted. In the first study, 213 college students completed the 5Plus5, and the IPIP Big-Five Factor Markers Survey. One group of the participants (n = 116) completed the ranking version of the 5Plus5, and the other group (n = 97) completed the rating version of the 5Plus5. Study One revealed that the rating and ranking measures shared a similar pattern of correlations with the Big Five personality measures on 7 of the 5Plus5 constructs, however drive, adaptability, and sensation seeking did not share any correlations. Additionally, the rating had 5 respondents dropout of the study compared to the total of 16 who dropped out of the ranking format. The second study is a within subjects design, in which 111 college students complete both the rating and ranking format versions of the 5plus5. Study Two's results showed that the rating and the ranking of the 5plus5 had low convergent validity. This ranged from .295 to .555. The two measures were also compared to the Schwartz Value Survey, in which eight constructs of the 5Plus5 shared a similar pattern with each other, with the exception of balance and intellectuality. Additionally, the ranking measure was found to have ipsative properties. Overall the results reveal the two measure analyze the constructs differently.


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