The Minnesota Department of Health has sponsored Motivational Interviewing Continuing Education sessions for SagePlus providers to increase their knowledge and skill in the utilization of MI in their clinical practice. The impact of these educational sessions on skill development as well as utilization of MI by these providers is unknown. The purpose of this study was to determine if healthcare providers perceive any barriers in utilizing MI techniques to do lifestyle counseling with SagePlus program particiants. A descriptive quantitative design was used for this study. Of the 22 healthcare providers that were doing lifestyle counseling 16 completed the questionnaires. The providers were asked to complete two questionnaires: A modified version of the Preventative Medicine Attitudes and Activities Questionnaire (PMAAQ) and a demographic questionnaire. All 29 potential barriers asked about on the modified PMAAQ were found to have some level of significance. The five most significant barriers were all client based; lack of client interest in prevention, the client's physical and/or financial restrictions, lack of insight by the client on the importance of making healthy-lifestyle changes, and the education level of the patient. There are multiple barriers to using MI for lifestyle counseling with SagePlus participants.


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