The effects of power have been shown to exhibit a wide variety of effects on an individual's psychology. The present study explored power, as a form of resources control, and its effects on an individual's tendency to seek out entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial environments. According to various definitions of entrepreneurship, it can be argued that the process of entrepreneurship would represent a form of gathering power around oneself in the form of various resources. Attempts were made to determine whether a relationship existed between the experience power, and an individual's subsequent response to seeking entrepreneurial environments. The present study was able to find relationships between males experiencing power, and their propensity to seek environments emphasizing innovation. Although unable to find relationships between power and our other aspects of entrepreneurial orientation, it is possible that with a greater sample size, specifically for males, that more gender differences for the effects of power on EO may come to light. Theoretical implications of these findings, as well as recommendations for future directions, will be made in an attempt to explain these results.


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