The purpose of this study was to determine what key concepts were recalled in high school sex education curricula by students at MSU. The participants in this study were MSU, students enrolled in 2013 spring semester Health and the Environment course. An electronic survey consisting of 43 questions was distributed though the survey program SurveyMonkey. The survey was sent out to 596 MSU students, and data was collected from 39 MSU, M students. Roughly, 73% of the participants reported receiving comprehensive sex education compared to 19% of participants reporting abstinence-only education in high school. The key concepts that received major emphasis from participants who reported receiving comprehensive sex education included: STDs, HIV and AIDS, and contraception, reproduction, and sexual abstinence. As for key concepts that rated highest among abstinence-only educated participants included: sexual abstinence, puberty, decision-making, reproductive health, and STDs. Results indicated that participants, who reportedly received comprehensive sex education received no emphasis of the following key concepts: sexuality and the arts, sexual fantasy, gender identity and masturbation. For abstinence-only participants sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexuality and religion was reported.


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