Taking effective notes while listening to a lecture is one of the important strategies for students in order to fulfill their academic goals. A number of empirical studies have been done to emphasize its importance; however, much fewer studies focusing on the impact of note-taking instruction have been done. Moreover, not only note-taking strategies but also high listening strategies are required to take notes while listening. The current study investigated the impact of instructions of note-taking and listening on ESL students. A total number of 23 upper-intermediate ESL students experienced training of taking notes and metacognitive listening over a semester. Their perceptional change of note-taking strategies and growth in awareness of metacognitive listening strategies were measured by questionnaires. The participants took a listening test and answered survey questionnaires both pre- and post-instructions, and they were instructed to take notes while listening. The results indicated that students perceived that instruction of note-taking strategy was more helpful than metacognitive listening strategy for them. As for note-taking, students gained deeper insights of importance and practicality of note-taking strategy. As for metacognitive awareness of listening, it was found that metacognitive listening instruction enhanced the students to gain higher self-efficacy in L2 listening. Furthermore, a strong correlation between higher perceptions and awareness of their strategy uses and more significant development of listening performance was found. In other words, students who increased perceptions in note-taking and who realized their metacognitive listening strategy uses outperformed than those did not.


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