The purpose of this research was to assess university students' perceptions of the severity of binge drinking. To assess university students' perceptions, a survey questionnaire was used. The survey looked at reported binge drinking behaviors by sampled college students and how serious they perceived consequences of binge drinking. A total of 270 students at Minnesota State University, Mankato participated in the research regarding binge drinking during spring semester 2014. The mean age was 19.8 years old, with a majority (70%) being freshmen and sophomores. Around 60% of females reported binge drinking within the last two-weeks of taking the survey, while around 50% of males reported binge drinking. There were no statistically significant differences in binge drinking based on the participants' age, gender, year in school, race or if they were a member of an organization on campus. A majority of participants (95.2%) reported that they believed `causing another persons' death' to be very serious, while experiencing a hangover was perceived as not serious to slightly serious by most participants (77.8%).


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