These set of works are an arrangement of forms. I am interested in making a simplified version of my subject by limiting the amount of information that is present while still suggesting a space. My subject matter began as a pile of dirty clothes that were lying on my bathroom floor. I first noticed the contrast between the organic clumps of fabric against the vertical lines of the white panel wall. I then realized that this subject matter was much deeper and said a lot about my domestic life as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend and a student. These mundane objects turned into complex forms that could be used to describe an average person's life, my life. I have created in my work a catalog of forms that began as clothes that I am able to manipulate and arrange in a variety of ways to represent all of the parts of my life. A short list of some of the ideas that I see them representing are work, play, relationships, laziness, frustration, motherhood, change and love. I present them in an abstracted way because I don't want to show the pile of clothes but rather, use this subject matter as a way of creating art and reflect upon what it represents in life.


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