This thesis highlights our obliviousness to nonhuman nature and how this ignorance severs a great connection to the earth and our senses. My work explores this important connectedness. The natural world is filled with fleeting revelations that shatter habitual ways of seeing and experiencing; my paintings act as record of such moments. The exhibition was held at the Conkling Gallery in Nelson Hall from February 24th to March 5th, 2014. It consisted of twenty-two works including paintings, drawings, and prints. All works were produced during my time within the M.A. program, 2012-2014. Postcards and a brochure advertised the exhibition. The postcard displayed one full color image reproduction of a painting in the show, as well as information about the opening reception and Conkling Gallery. The brochure contained an artist statement, exhibition catalogue, curriculum vitae, and two full color image reproductions of paintings from the show. Photographs were also taken to document the exhibition. The postcard, brochure, and exhibition images were submitted to the Graduate School of Minnesota State University, Mankato in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters of Arts Degree.


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Exhibition Photographs

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Exhibition Brochure

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Exhibition Showcard

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