This thesis of mixed-media pieces, The Cartographer series, combines, with stitches and rough lace work, miniature acrylic paintings, weavings, and various other elements. The materials come from three different spheres: traditional fine art materials, such as canvas and paint; handiwork materials, such as cross-stitch or needlepoint; reclaimed materials, such as burlap, wire, or string. Thread is used to both draw and connect. Stitches not only lock each element in place, they create links and relationships between painted pieces, thread, and empty space.

The mixed-media pieces were made in conjunction with chapbook of poetry titled, _And the Road Will Take You There_. The art and the poetry in the collection consider the impact of context and relationship as well as the dynamic between resources, assumption and expectation. Each piece in The Cartographer series is a visual poem. Each element in the square is like a stanza in a poem with its own organic connections to the other elements, working to create a whole. The titles for the art work, come from the chapbook. The title poem in the chapbook also serves as an artist statement.

The exhibition was held at the Conkling Gallery in Nelson Hall from October 27 to November 5th, 2014. It consisted of 68 individual mixed media works which were produced the last year of my time at MSU, 2013-2014.

Postcards and a brochure advertised the exhibition. Two different postcards were used. Each included one full color detail image of a piece in the show, as well as information about the opening reception and Conkling Gallery. The brochure contained an artist statement, exhibition catalog, curriculum vitae, and images of pieces from the show. Photographs were also taken to document the exhibition. Since the art pieces were made in conjunction with a book of poetry, "And the Road Will Take You There", Spoon River Poetry Press, that was also featured at the opening. The postcard, brochure, chapbook, and exhibition images were submitted to the Graduate School of Minnesota State University, Mankato in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Masters of Arts Degree.


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