During the decade of the 1970's in South America, people saw the governments become overrun by dictatorships. These dictatorships destroyed the fabric of democracy. The horror of these new politics brought destroyed men and women in many different ways. These policies included such things as torture, censorship, impositions of patriarchal ideas, exile, and even included imprisonment and disappearance.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the importance of the stages of transformation of women in the works of Mario Benedetti and how these stages reflect on the process of adaptation to exile. This analysis centers on four characters who represent four different moments in the life of women during their exile. To complete this study, I primarily based my research on close reading and literary analysis of two short stories and a novel that deal with exile while also centering on women characters. I also used other publication in the forms of books, scholarly literature and journal articles, documentary studies, and a movie as secondary sources for this analysis.

In sum, this study demonstrates the struggles of exile throughout the stages of life based on four women of different ages. One of the characters, a child, Beatriz, questions her reality on exile that is a result of her father's legal situation. Through her experience, the reader can explore concepts like freedom, amnesty and pollution to name a few. The second character, a teenager called Susana, is caught in an identity struggle. She is like a ghost, an entity trying to understand where and how she fits in while struggling with her national identity and her exile. The third character, Delia a young woman between the age of 20 and 25, represents ideas related to arrest, torture, exile, and the trauma that comes with such situations. The last character, Graciela, a mother between age of 32 and 35, shows how exile affects the sociology of family through her job, her relationship with her daughter, and her marriage.


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