Ready To Learn is a home visiting program that uses the Growing Great Kids curriculum to improve child development and parent education of immigrant and refugee families. This study completed a program evaluation to determine the effectiveness of Ready To Learn using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). Five areas of development were assessed using this evaluation: communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving and personal/social. Results found that 36% of children improved from their first ASQ to their most recent ASQ. All together, 78% of children were ready for kindergarten after graduating from the program, which decreases their chance of falling behind their peers. To determine if the difference between the first average ASQ score was significantly different than the most recent average ASQ score, a repeated measures t-test was utilized. The results showed a significant difference, with the most recent ASQ score being significantly higher than the first ASQ score. These findings are similar to previous literature, which found that early intervention programs are effective for low-income, immigrant and refugee families. Thus, other early intervention, home visiting programs should be implemented for immigrant and refugee families to promote learning at a young age and improve chances of academic success later in life.


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