The effects of Modified Melodic Intonation Therapy for a fifty-nine year old adult with severe Broca's aphasia were examined. Intervention included inner rehearsal and first sound practice to potentially increase initiation abilities. Pre and post self-assessments were used to evaluate self-awareness. Six target phrases (four three-syllable phrases and two two-syllable phrases) were treated over the course of fifteen weeks with two one-hour sessions per week. Results showed an increase in the participant's ability to produce the target phrase. Inner rehearsal proved to be an initiation strategy that met functional needs of the participant in a timelier manner; on the other hand, first sound practice allowed the initiation of a phrase with perfect accuracy through 60 days post treatment. The two syllable phrases within each condition proved to be most successful and varying degrees of accuracy were observed for the three syllable phrases. Additional research needs to be conducted to further distinguish the impact of syllable length for ideal candidates and initiation strategies.


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