Purpose: To identify key characteristics in evidence-based parent-training programs that ensure effectiveness and efficiency for agencies serving families with children aged 5–9 with emotional and behavioral disorders. My research strategy will be to do a literature review of evidence-based parent-training programs that strengthen parent competencies, foster parent’s involvement in school, decrease children’s behavioral problems and strengthen children’s social and academic competencies.

Problem to be addressed: When children receive inconsistent or ineffective discipline from parents, they are at risk of developing childhood behavioral disorders. By adolescence, these problems can develop into Conduct Disorders as demonstrated by violence, substance abuse and criminal behavior. Teaching parents to consistently and effectively discipline their children is paramount to avoiding the development of long-term behavioral disorders. Agencies serving this population often implement parent-training programs for families struggling with childhood behavior problems. Agencies would benefit from knowing what the literature indicates are evidence-based strategies in parent-training programs so the agency can utilize programs that are proven to be effective and efficient.

Research question: What are the key characteristics in evidence-based parent-training programs that demonstrate effectiveness and cost efficiency?


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