The Student Educational Adventures (SEA) Program was created in 1995 to help motivate youth with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (E/BD) to view education as important as well as to assist with the graduation rate of students with E/BD. Using an experiential method of teaching, each of the four courses in the SEA Program are specifically designed to teach life-long skills, such as team building, decision making, service, leadership, conflict resolution, anger management, goal setting, and taking responsibility, to youth who typically struggle in those areas.

Due to the current financial state of SEA Program funders, the Goodhue County Education District seeks to develop a new nine week course to replace one of the most expensive existing courses. This new course must be consistent with the SEA Program’s mission to improve the graduation rate of students receiving special education services for E/BD through experiential education in Goodhue County, Minnesota. This new course must also be fiscally sustainable over time, engage students in school, support mentoring relationships with school personnel, and provide opportunities for students to practice and learn pro-social skills. The purpose of this Capstone Project is to research potential experiential education options available for the SEA Program to implement that are both feasible and supported by the literature.


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