Minnesota Security Hospital (MSH) serves individuals under civil commitment as Mentally Ill and Dangerous by the State of Minnesota. MSH is evaluating its practices to ensure the treatment environment encompasses a recovery oriented, person-centered, and trauma-informed program. Understanding and assessing trauma will assist clinicians in providing patients with the most effective and efficient treatment (Carlson, 1997). Long term negative outcomes exists for individuals with severe mental illness who have experienced trauma including more severe psychiatric symptoms, substance abuse, and homelessness (Mueser, Salyers, Rosenberg, Ford, Fox, & Carty, 2001). The purpose of this Capstone project was to identify and recommend evidence-based trauma assessment tools that could be used during the admission process for women diagnosed with severe mental illness. Research Question: What evidence-based trauma assessment tool is shown to be most effective in assessing trauma in women under civil commitment as Mentally Ill and Dangerous that could be utilized on the admission unit at Minnesota Security Hospital?


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