Headway Emotional Health Services seeks to transform lives and restore families by providing a variety of quality mental health services to children and families in the Twin Cities Metro Area. The Vision Program is a partnership between Headway and the Bloomington Public School system. The Vision Program serves K-12 students who qualify for level 3 Emotional and/or Behavioral Disability (EBD) services. All students are in a classroom at their mainstream school and receive daily support from the Vision Mental Health Specialist, a special education classroom teacher, and a paraprofessional. Many students are able to participate in some mainstream programing through the support they receive from the Vision team. Parental participation in therapeutic support services is a required component of Vision.

To learn about the perceptions of parents of the Vision Program’s therapeutic support services by answering the following questions. 1) Are parents satisfied with the Vision Program’s Therapeutic Support Services? 2) Do parents perceive their child as improving or maintaining her/his level of functioning? 3) What other service needs do parents and families have, that are not currently being met by the Vision Program? 4) How can Headway improve services?


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