This research project, titled, The Enforcement of the 2008 Decree on General Public Procurement Procedures and Service Delegation in Burkina Faso: Its Influence on the Management System, was conducted by Kouliga Koala, a student in the Department of Government at Minnesota State University, Mankato as a requirement for completing the Master of Public Administration in May 2016. The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the management system in two public procurement institutions in Burkina Faso. The research examined the influence of the 2008 Decree adopted in Burkina Faso on the management system using the theory of mechanistic and organic management systems by Burns & Stalker (1961). Four characteristics of the mechanistic and organic systems were used: The accomplishment of tasks, work habits, communication style, and knowledge possession. Over-the-phone interviews were conducted. Overall, ten (10) interviewees were reached and each answered eight questions. The answers of all ten (10) were considered in the analysis. The results showed that the management system of the two institutions is organic because collaboration is mostly valued in the work relationships. Collaboration is employed so that managers’ and employees’ work focuses on the mission of the institution instead of traditional views of hierarchy, unquestionable instructions, and obedience.


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