The Effectiveness of Camp Oz in Children’s Grief Process

Eunhye Choi, Minnesota State University Mankato


Grieving children need appropriate interventions to help their grieving process. Every year, a one-day grief camp, called Camp Oz is held to assist these bereaved children's needs. To investigate the effectiveness of Camp Oz, parents and children were asked to fill out a satisfaction survey. The results of 2014 Evaluation indicated 80 % of parents and 86% of children were satisfied with Camp Oz. Children were able to remember their loved one, feel safe, enjoy activities, express their story, and make a connection with others. They were less likely to report growth in emotions and behaviors, and learning about grief and coping skills. In 2015, all of the participants were satisfied with Camp Oz. Especially, they were highly satisfied with the experience of feeling safety and making a connection with others, whereas they were less satisfied with development of coping skills and expression of emotions. Through the results, implications and recommendations for future interventions are discussed.


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