In Zimbabwe, the most prevalent cancer in women is cervical cancer (CC) and in men is Kaposi Sarcoma (KS). A major risk factor for CC is Human Papillomavirus (HPV). For KS, the major risk factor is Human Herpesvirus-8 (HHV-8). The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge of HPV and HHV-8, perception of risk, and perceived barriers to treatment among selected students at Africa University, Zimbabwe.

A questionnaire was distributed to participants (n=130). N=127 completed and n=3 did not. SPSS was used for data analysis. A mean knowledge score on HPV was 8.66 (7.98) out of 30 and on HHV-8 was 5.72 (5.83) out of 25. For perception of risk, 73.2% (n=90) believed they were moderately and extremely at risk every time they engage in sex, 55.8% (n=63) believed were moderately and extremely worried about contracting HHV-8 and 64.7% (n=79) were moderately and extremely worried about contracting HPV. Findings regarding participants’ perceived barriers to accessing health facilities for STIs screening or treatment comprised of the following: 52.9% (n=64) did not consider access to medical facilities as a barrier, 83.5% (n=101) wanted to know about their status if infected and 36.3% (n=45) considered lack of knowledge on STIs a barrier. Most common source with 44.9% (n=52) was the internet. Sampled students are not knowledgeable on HPV and HHV-8, but know they are at risk and are willing to address these health issues.

In overall, there is a great need for educational programming. STI related facilities are available in Zimbabwe for students to access. HPV or HHV-8 related education programming should be focused in hospitals and clinics. HPV vaccination programming should be administered actively throughout the country. Further research should consider broadening the study to other post-secondary institutions, involve faculty and staff participation, collect data in rural areas and focus on CC and KS.


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