My thesis show opened on Friday, March 11, 2016 at the 410 project's art gallery, located in downtown Mankato.

The artwork consisted of sculptures displayed on pedestals, hanging on the walls, sitting on specifically constructed arrangements, and hanging from the ceiling. The materials I used to create these sculptures have a dramatically contrasting appearance, but have one universal similarity. At some point most of the materials used were liquid or fluid. I used metals, ceramics, hand blown glass, plastics, and wax. I like to work with these materials in that fluid state because of the added flexibility and forgiveness they provide when sculpting.

A lot of the reason I make art is to explore and experiment with materials. My thesis show titled ArtScience showcased how art can be done experimentally and likewise science can be done for aesthetic purposes. The work is primarily abstract but exhibits figural qualities, forms from nature, and industrial objects. Installation and presentation played a crucial role in creating a laboratory like environment. My overall goal was to work both as a scientist and as an artist, and create work that expresses both fields of thought. These two worlds are often viewed separately but I have proven they can be effectively integrated.


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