The objective of this research study was to gauge the current status of patients' access to health care services in a developing nation or least-developed country (as defined by the World Bank and United Nations), Nepal. Many patients are not privileged to have a hospital at a close proximity in Nepal. They are also forced to travel and wait for long hours due to their inability to pay for services offered by private healthcare institutions. A survey questionnaire was developed to get a snapshot of how long patients travel to get to a public hospital for an outpatient service. The survey tool was also designed to summarize patient wait times and other factors related to patients' access to healthcare services at the site chosen for the case study. Survey results showed that patients certainly have access to the healthcare services in Nepal but it is not readily available. Patients travel and wait for hours before they get seen by the physician. Findings of this research study suggested that implementation of some process improvement interventions may result in lesser patient wait times and may help increase patient satisfaction levels which may ultimately contribute to increased health status of the overall population in Nepal.


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