The Arts Center of St. Peter, located at 315 S. Minnesota Ave, in St. Peter, MN, hosted the thesis exhibit, Body Memory. The exhibit ran from April 8, 2016, through May 8, 2016. The opening reception was held on Saturday, April 9, 2016.

Ceramic sculptures were created with a variety of textile and paper imprints on the clay surface, then folded over an internal paper structure, and placed in a constructed canvas hammock to allow gravity to alter the form. All sculptures were finished using underglaze washes to emphasize the surface textures. Gloss tile sealer, wax, waxed paper, silk, or chamois were additional materials added to the finished surface, post firing, to complete the ceramic sculptures.

To complete installation of the ceramic sculptures, environments were constructed using fiber, plastic, paper, or screen mesh. Much of the fiber was soaked in glue and dried, thus making it stiff. These environments created either a conceptual bed or window, and were installed suspended on the wall. The ceramic pieces were then wall mounted onto the background installation.

One of the 15 sculptures was an exception to the above format. A queen size bed spread was constructed using fabrics that were used in the studio to create the clay surface textures. It was installed over 2 ceramic pillows and hung in the atrium in the gallery.


Mika Laidlaw

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catch and [re]lease.detail.jpg (2310 kB)
catch and [re]lease detail

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catch and [re]lease detail 2

catch and [re]lease.jpg (1272 kB)
catch and [re]lease

cheast peace.detail.jpg (1972 kB)
cheast peace detail

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cheast peace

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cheast peace detail 2

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contract[ed] detail

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contract[ed] detail 2

deposit[ed].detail.jpg (2149 kB)
deposit[ed] detail

deposit[ed].jpg (1656 kB)

epimorphosis.detail.jpg (1867 kB)
epimorphosis detail

epimorphosis.jpg (1104 kB)

expose[d].detail.jpg (2414 kB)
expose[d] detail

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fates.detail.jpg (1702 kB)
fates detail

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fates detail 2

fates.jpg (1497 kB)

lie in [and] wait.detail.jpg (1172 kB)
lie in [and] wait detail

lie in [and] wait.detail2.jpg (1329 kB)
lie in [and] wait detail 2

lie in [and] wait.jpg (1258 kB)
lie in [and] wait

miss[ing].jpg (1916 kB)

past tense.detail.jpg (1193 kB)
past tense detail

past tense.jpg (871 kB)
past tense

split hairs [re]moved series.detail.jpg (1128 kB)
split hairs [re]moved series detail 3

split hairs [re]moved series.jpg (718 kB)
split hairs [re]moved series

strings attached [re]moved series.detail.jpg (1231 kB)
strings attached [re]moved series detail

strings attached [re]moved series.detail2.jpg (1585 kB)
strings attached [re]moved series detail 2

strings attached [re]moved series.jpg (966 kB)
strings attached [re]moved series

visceral reaction [re]moved series.detail.jpg (1367 kB)
visceral reaction [re]moved series detail

visceral reaction [re]moved series.detail2.jpg (1080 kB)
visceral reaction [re]moved series detail 2

visceral reaction [re]moved series.jpg (943 kB)
visceral reaction [re]moved series

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