"Concerning the Interaction of Forms" is exactly what is in my mind when creating and thinking about work. I am concerned with all of the interactions that can be made when thinking about and looking at forms. How do the forms interact with one another? How do they interact with the space they are placed in? How do they interact with the viewer? These are the questions that concern me the most when creating work

When making work I do so with the help of basic geometric shapes, mathematic ratios, and the feeling I get from the form as it takes shape. I usually start with a triangle then work off of that using ratios, most commonly making new elements one quarter or one third larger or smaller. What is meant when I say "the feeling I get from the form as it takes shape" is how the ratios interact with each other, within the form itself and with the other forms surrounding it.

I use all of these different elements when creating forms and designing the final layout these forms will take when they are installed into a gallery space. All of these "concerns" are viewed as equally important when creating work.


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