I am an oil painter who paints the human form as a subject. My technique varies between loose transparent glazes to more realistic impasto, revealing the process in which I paint. My colors are often exaggerated and unrealistic. I choose to paint people in my community because it reveals a story about the time and place I live in. I enjoy painting people because we are interesting as physical objects: color, form, the way our bodies change as we age, what we chose to wear, etc.. We come in many different sizes, colors, shapes, our postures and facial expressions articulate our emotions. We all have the experience of being human in common, and as a social species, are instinctively curious about other humans. We all have a story to tell, I try to express what I perceive with paint. I try to capture the persona of a person by painting with as few brush strokes as possible. As an artist, I want my paintings to be interesting rather than a stagnant documentation of a person. I sometimes force the use of odd colors, outlines, incorrect perspective, etc., to escape the impulse to strive for perfection. When a painting is completely resolved, it looses something. There is a point when an unpolished painting has an energy, a vitality, and holds so much potential, a point at which the process is still evident. When the painting is purposefully imperfect, the viewer can focus on what I find to be important: the colors, the marks, the composition, the paint, and still see the persona of the person I painted.


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White_Reed_1.jpg (157 kB)
Megan, oil on canvas 60" x 36" 2017

White_Reed_2.jpg (164 kB)
Anna and Jenn, oil on canvas 60" x 36" 2017

White_Reed_3.jpg (180 kB)
Chuck and Carol, oil on canvas 48" x 36" 2016

White_Reed_4.jpg (99 kB)
Bob, oil on canvas 60" x 30" 2016

White_Reed_5.jpg (181 kB)
Lexi, oil on canvas 48" x 36" 2016

White_Reed_6.jpg (176 kB)
Dana and Curt, oil on canvas 60" x 36" 2017

White_Reed_7.jpg (115 kB)
David, oil on canvas 60" x 36" 2017

White_Reed_8.jpg (181 kB)
Jake and Tony, oil on canvas 60" x 45" 2017

White_Reed_9.jpg (251 kB)
Jake and Tony detail, oil on canvas 60" x 45" 2017

White_Reed_10.jpg (106 kB)
Show at Centennial Student Union MNSU

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