Congestive Heart failure is amongst the leading causes of death in the United States. It is treated through a variety of different therapeutic targets including the inhibition of sodium potassium pumps. Drugs currently used in this pathway of treatment such as Digitalis have adverse toxic effects. This study examines the inhibitory effects of linoleic acid (L.A) on sodium potassium pumps in isolated rat cardiomyocytes using the incorporation of rubidium detected by SEM/EDS technology as the index for sodium-potassium pump activity. Isolated heart cells were incubated in the following treatments: Rb-Krebs buffer without treatment (negative control), Ouabain+ Rb-Krebs buffer (positive control), 10-3 M L.A+ Rb-Krebs buffer, and 10-6 M L.A+ Rb-Krebs buffer. The results established Rb-Krebs as the negative control with a mean of 1.279 +/- 0.075 for Rb % average of 10 replicates with 10 cells analyzed in each replicate. Ouabain + Rb-Krebs was established as the positive control for inhibition of rubidium uptake with a mean value of 0.701 +/- 0.073. It was found that the 10-6 M, and not 10-3 M, concentration of linoleic acid exhibited inhibitory effects of rubidium uptake with a mean value of 0.805 +/- 0.121 and 0.903 +/- 0.095, respectively.


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